Tara is the Momma and Thomas is the Dood. Together we form Momma Dood.

We started this company as a quirky survival project. Early in college, we found ourselves quickly headed towards the greatest of all adventures as very young parents. Our pottery has been the slip between the scored pieces. We find ourselves now, a decade into the passion of clay; buried, overwhelmed, and all aglow with the potential of each piece of raw clay. Our forms, now a source of recycled and reused lumps of dirt, mimic nature that surrounds us. In each series of pottery, Thomas and I have taken influence from the nature of what the world has offered around us. In this way we want to share clay with the world; to take something so simple as mud and spin it into a fine piece of art to share with you. To elevate your day, your meal, your space. We currently love to be inspired in our small Southern California studio. The weather and atmosphere allow us an energy efficient space and it has become practice for us to keep a low environmental impact. We look forward to sharing our art with you!